Teacher Spotlight: Dale Duncan

March 21 2016

Dale Duncan makes learning music 'feel like a game' for grade school students

March 21, 2016


Dale Duncan makes learning music 'feel like a game' for grade school students

Q. How easy was it to get Music Prodigy working for your classes?

It was very easy. At first, I used one of my smallest and most advanced classes in order to test the waters as I implemented my S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program with them. Then, once I saw how easy it was and how much the students enjoyed it and grew from it, I decided to offer it to the rest of my 340 middle school beginners.

Q. Had you used instructional technology before?

Yes. I created S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program for Beginners, and I use it with my students by projecting it on the smart board. Once they complete both levels of the program, I use Sight Reading Factory. This, by far, is the most advanced technological piece my puzzle because it makes individual assessment so simple.

Dale Duncan with Music Prodigy 1

Q. How has it helped you as a teacher being able to monitor and support your students’ practice time outside of the classroom?

It's changed everything. I can listen to their submissions on my own time on an "as-needed" basis. Music Prodigy automatically averages the grades of the individual assessments. I print it out and enter it into my grade book.

Dale Duncan students 2

Q. How much has student practice time outside of the classroom increased since starting with Music Prodigy?

Before Music Prodigy, I had no "practice time outside of the classroom".

Q. What is your favorite feature and how has it benefited you?

I have to pick one? :-)
I love the automatic averaging of grades. I love that I can listen to the individual students.

Q. What do your students like most about Music Prodigy?

It feels like a game to them. I have loved watching them come up to me screaming "I got a 100" when we work on Music Prodigy in class.

Q. Do most of your student practice with Music Prodigy on mobile devices?

Yes. I have gradually implemented it. I asked all of them to bring in their cell phones on a Monday. They couldn't believe it. Then, I gave them the enrollment code, and they worked the entire period.

Dale Duncan with Music Prodigy 2

Q. To check on your students’ daily practice progress (time spent, scores, etc.), do you find the daily emails or Gradebook Grid feature more useful? Or do you use/find both useful? If so, why?

All of the information you send on their work is useful. I am thrilled with the engagement level from them AND from me! It's energized me.

Q. Do you share your student/class improvement with administrators? If so, how has that benefited your music program?

I have not done so yet, but I will. Administrators are so focused on varied assessment strategies. Music Prodigy has helped me vary mine enormously.

Thanks for this incredible technology.

Dale Duncan

Creator of S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program for Beginners on TES

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