Teacher Spotlight: Scott Miller

March 14 2016

Scott Miller's guitar students succeeding with Music Prodigy

March 14, 2016


Scott Miller and guitar students succeeding with Music Prodigy

Q. How easy was it to get Music Prodigy working for your classes?

Music prodigy was easy to get started with, however there were some issues with the School District's filters at first. The folks at Music Prodigy were very helpful and, working together with the tech department at the school and district offices, were we up and running quickly.

Q. Had you used instructional technology before?

I had used Smart Music for many years before I heard about Music Prodigy. I find Music Prodigy much easier, more powerful, and more convienent to use.

Clark County guitar classroom

Q. How has it helped you as a teacher being able to monitor and support your students’ practice time outside of the classroom?

I love that I can basically test my children after school hours. This provides me with additonal instructional time that used to go toward assessment.

Q. How much has student practice time outside of the classroom increased since starting with Music Prodigy?

Students not only practice more than ever before, it's accountable practice now.

Q. What is your favorite feature and how has it benefited you?

I appreciate the morning report and the ability to handle polyphony. As a guitar teacher, polyphony is critical, and updating my gradebook is made very easy through the morning report.

Scott Miller guitar teacher Clark County School District Nevada

Q. To check on your students’ daily practice progress (time spent, scores, etc.), do you find the daily emails or Gradebook Grid feature more useful? Or do you use/find both useful? If so, why?

I find both useful. I rely on the grid when initially grading student work, but I allow retakes and resubmissions. For that I rely on the morning report.

Q. Do you share your student/class improvement with administrators? If so, how has that benefited your music program?

I use the recordings as evididence of student growth. It is an integral part of how I meet the State Standards for each evaluation.

Scott Miller

Guitar Teacher

Hyde Park Middle School

Clark County, NV

Clark County School District

Hyde Park Middle School

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