Music Prodigy Offers Unlimited Student Pricing

January 28 2016
Press Release

Music Prodigy is proud to announce a new and innovative pricing structure aimed at making budgeting and classroom management easier. Beginning today, Music Prodigy will simplify how every student and teacher, within one music program, can have access to the world’s leading music learning technology platform.

Music Prodigy can now be licensed for each music program discipline (e.g., choral, band, orchestra, guitar) as part of a school or campus, regardless of number of students or teachers. Each program will have access to the power of Music Prodigy for $1,500 annually.

“Over the past year we talked with music educators across the country to better understand their need to simplify the approach for software licensing. Educators told us they were frustrated by software requiring them count students individually. Classroom student numbers change frequently, and budget and time are always in short supply for them.” said Music Prodigy CEO and co-founder Harold Lee.

Music Prodigy is a versatile, cloud-based music education platform with enhanced and instantaneous capability to listen to and evaluate all voices, strings, percussion, and winds operates on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows, and Mac platforms.

Since 2008, Music Prodigy has been helping hundreds of thousands of musicians and students improve their performance using Music Prodigy technology. To learn more about Music Prodigy and the robust capabilities which students and teachers can access, visit or send a note to Music Prodigy at

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