Adding Content from the Marketplace

How Teachers add Music Content from the Music Prodigy Marketplace. Watch the overview video.

Step 1: Go to the Marketplace

Click on "Marketplace" from the main menu or the home screen tile.

You can search for music by title using the search bar, browse the recent additions, or filter by Category, Genre, Composer, Instrument, Skill Level and more.

Adding content from the library

Step 3: Selecting a song

Click on the title to view details, then click on the "add to class" button to continue.

Adding content from the library

Next, you will be presented with a dialog to select the class that you would like to add the class to. Select the class, then click "confirm" to add the music to the class.

Adding content from the library

Review your selection

Now, you can return to your classes screen via the menu, then select the class name to view the music title or titles that are within that class.

All music titles added to the class will appear in the class list. You can then click on the play button to perform the selected music.

You're all done!

Adding music content to a class from the Music Prodigy Marketplace is that easy.

Please note that uploading personal music content using MusicXML files is a separate process and is described this article

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