Inviting students to your class

You have created your class, now it's time to add some students to the class. Music Prodigy offers two options to add students to classes. Watch the overview video.

Option 1: Inviting students using class codes

Enter basic class details

From the classes screen (select classes from the menu or home screen), locate your class code. The class code can be shared with students, who will then enter the class code to enroll themselves in the class.

After the student signs in, they can select "classes" from the menu or home screen, then enter the class code into the "Enroll in a class" box, then click "Enroll."

Enter course code

Old class codes have hyphens which must be entered. New class codes are six characters long and do not include any hyphens.

The class that the teacher shared with the student will now appear in the list.

Option 2: Inviting students using the Manage Students menu

From the main menu, the teacher selects "Manage Students," then selects the class that they would like to add students to.

The teacher enters the student email address and clicks "Invite Student." The course will automatically appear next time the student opens Music Prodigy.

Teachers manage students

There is also an option for uploading a csv file with multiple student email addresses.

Download the PDF guide