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Music Prodigy Choir Pilot 2015-2016

Music Prodigy Choir Pilot Getting Started

All-State Choir Prep Course

Inviting students to your class

You have created your class, now it's time to add some students to the class. Music Prodigy offers two options to add students to classes. Watch the overview video.

Music Prodigy Band Pilot 2015-2016

Music Prodigy Band Pilot Getting Started

Level 1

How teachers upload content using Finale

Music Prodigy allows you to upload your own personal content using Finale to export MusicXML and PNG files.

Creating a quiz in Music Prodigy

Once you have created your class and invited students, you can create a quiz to test your students' knowledge and performance.

Music Prodigy Self-Study Method

Music Prodigy Self-Study Method Getting Started

Band, Orchestra

How Teachers Create Classes

This article covers how a teacher can create a class from within the Music Prodigy app. Watch the overview video.

Create classes

Go to Create a Class from the menu

Opening the main menu, select "create a class" from the options.

Enter basic class details

Enter the class name, start date and end date for your cla…

Adding Content from the Marketplace

How Teachers add Music Content from the Music Prodigy Marketplace. Watch the overview video.

How students get started

To get started, students will visit, and click "Try Music Prodigy." You can also visit the student microsite to learn more before downloading. Watch the overview video.

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