How it works


Choose the content you need for your class, such as:
  • S-Cubed Sightsinging
  • Bill Swick Guitar course
  • Your own content and music (with UNLIMITED module)


  • Students play or sing and get immediate feedback while practicing or testing
  • Dynamic gradebook directs your attention not only to students needing a little assistance, but also to the exact notes of an exercise where they had trouble


  • Time spent by student
  • Performance score history
  • Red/green notes marked
  • Audio recording
  • All scores are automatically saved

Choose your program:

  • S-Cubed sight singing


    Sight singing homework examples intended to accompany and enhance each lesson in the S-Cubed Sight Singing Program Level ONE.
    Pre-packaged and ready-to-assign, created for Music Prodigy by S-Cubed creator Dale Duncan.

    Want to learn more about Dale Duncan's program for Sight Singing? Click here.

  • Bill Swick Guitar

    Bill Swick
    Year 1 Guitar

    Over 270 exercises, etudes, scales and songs to help students learn to read traditional notation on guitar. Written by Grammy-Award winning instructor Bill Swick to accompany his Beginning Method Quarters 1, 2, 3 & 4 course.

    Want to learn more about Bill Swick's program for Guitar? Click here.

  • finale and sibelius logos


    Many teachers create or have access to digital scores for exercises, etudes, compositions, arrangements and more.

    If you want to provide a mobile practice solution for your students with the ability to track homework performance in real time, then MP UNLIMITED is perfect for you!

    Check out Music Prodigy UNLIMITED for Power Users here.

Key advantages


Over 80% of Music Prodigy students practice homework on their mobile devices, but almost any device will do. Music Prodigy runs on Chromebook, Android, iPhone, iPad, OS X and Windows.


Immediate feedback is shown to dramatically accelerate learning (three to five times faster than unassisted practice). Music Prodigy tells students how well they perform in milliseconds, while they are practicing. No wait, no delay.


All performances are automatically synchronized to the cloud so teachers can easily monitor practice habits and performance.