Welcome to Music Prodigy with S-Cubed Demo Launchpad!

Since both teachers and students use Music Prodigy with S-Cubed, we have provided two separate demo experiences. We recommend that you try both. Logging out of either demo will return you here, so you may try both as many times as you like.

Real time music evaluation
Music Prodigy's browser version

Student Demo

We suggest trying the student demo first by singing a few S-Cubed homework exercises with the online practice app! You can then logout and re-login as the teacher to see and hear your performances.

PLEASE NOTE: please use headphones to provide the best demo experience, to help ensure that any accompaniment tracks don't interfere with your scores!

Gradebook on Music Prodigy

Teacher Demo

Demo as a teacher to experience the Gradebook, detailed reporting and recordings of actual student exercises and assignments. A few example students have been populated for you as well as a sampling of actual S-Cubed exercises.

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