Complete sight singing exercises
for middle-school Sight Singing

The ONLY mobile interactive homework “book” that students use to practice.

This complete solution created by Dale Duncan solves headaches for middle-school sight singing programs.

We are thrilled to be working with Dale Duncan to provide access to the S-Cubed Sight Singing program and exercises for middle school teachers!

Read all that Mr. Duncan says about the S-Cubed and Music Prodigy program on his blog .


Finding exercises, scales, etudes and songs to fill up the entire year.

  • No hunting and pecking for the right content for the right student.
  • No manually writing down exercises and photo-copying.
  • No more buying individual sheet music titles and photo-copying or scanning.

Helping students practice at home more effectively.

Music Prodigy...

  • Listens to them practice the examples and tells them, note-by-note whether they are playing correctly or incorrectly - while they are practicing.
  • Lets students adjust on-the-fly and improve faster.
  • Lets students self-evaluate while they are practicing.
  • Lets students self-monitor their progress.
  • Runs on Android smartphones and tablets, iOS iPhone, iOS iPad, Mac OS X and Windows so students can practice anywhere and anytime, while automatically submitting their homework practice assignments.

Collecting homework reports.

Say "Bye" to hand-writing and hand-collecting practice logs.

  • You’ll receive email summaries each day of which students practiced, how much they practice, and how well they did, from the night before.
  • No more manually transferring logs to a computer.

See the progress of each student in an effortless, accurate, automated and QUANTIFIED way.

All students' activity, color-coded, at a glance.

  • The teacher’s gradebook dashboard summarizes all of your student homework activity automatically. It’s always up-to-date.
  • You can drill down to view the detail of any student for any exercise and see all their activity for that exercise.
  • You can view a note-by-note PDF report of each student’s performances.
  • You can listen to audio recordings of your students’ performances.

Music Prodigy is easy to implement.

  • For one price, the teacher can add an unlimited amount of students.
  • Students have unlimited use on as many devices for one full year.
  • It makes managing your class roster and homework easy and effortless.
  • No more headaches caused by buying individual materials or software licenses per student.

We guarantee you'll save time and effort.

We’re so sure that if you use Dale Duncan's S-Cubed and it doesn’t do what it says, we’ll refund your purchase, no problem.

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Special Offer for Middle School Sight Singing teachers

Dale Duncan has now made his invaluable middle-school sight singing exercises available within Music Prodigy.

Hundreds of exercises, etudes and assessments organized week-by-week, ideal for your middle school sight singing students.

Just the Practice Platform.

I already have Dale's PDFs and supplemental materials. I just need the mobile practice platform for my students and automated reporting.

I want it all.

Load me up with the PDFs, the mobile practice platform for all my students, the automated reporting, the supplemental materials.