The ONLY mobile interactive homework practice platform that automates tasks and reduces use of paper.

We love ink & paper, we just think music classrooms could save time and money by using less of it.

You are a music teacher that uses the excellent notation programs Finale or Sibelius, and you've created dozens, hundreds, even thousands of practice exercises, drills, scales, etudes, compositions and arrangements.

You know the drill every year. You print, print, print and copy, copy, copy. And year after year, student after student, wear-and-tear, misplaced backpacks, the dog-ate-the-sheet-music, et al.

You know what it takes to make sure each student gets the right part, the right chair, and you're literally shuffling papers for hours every week - thousands of pages of paper, each destined to succumb to the rigors of music student life.

Not only that. You're replenishing inkjets, replacing printers, using duct tape and Scotch tape to pull everything together.

Music Prodigy UNLIMITED does one thing, and does it extremely well.

Music Prodigy UNLIMITED automates delivering your Finale or Sibelius music curriculum, collects homework performances from each of your students and logs all of it automatically in one gradebook view.

That means that every student can carry all the music homework practice on smartphones, tablets and home computers.

Moreover, unlike ANYTHING else available, Music Prodigy UNLIMITED provides students immediate, real-time feedback while they are practicing.

Because Music Prodigy UNLIMITED listens to students practice, and tells them if they're correct or incorrect while they are playing, students can adjust in real-time and improve faster.

That means students don't need to wait until class or a private lesson to ask you the teacher to listen and evaluate. Music Prodigy UNLIMITED is always there and each student can practice and learn, and come to class better prepared.

Because Music Prodigy UNLIMITED is digital, delivered through the cloud and mobile, you can drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to print, copy, distribute, collect physical pieces of paper.

As much as we love Music Prodigy UNLIMITED, we understand it's not for everyone.

Some teachers prefer things the way they are, and that's cool with us.

Other teachers understand that technology can help kids learn faster with more enjoyment. Students are growing up with smartphones, tablets and social networks, and that's what students love to use.

If you are one that has taken the time and effort to create materials in Finale or Sibelius, Music Prodigy UNLIMITED can help you turbo-charge your material by making it come alive.

Frequently asked questions

    Will a scanned PDF work with Music Prodigy UNLIMITED?
    • Unfortunately, scanned PDF documents are not compatible with Music Prodigy UNLIMITED.
    • Music in Finale or Sibelius exported to MusicXML and PNG is compatible with Music Prodigy UNLIMITED.
    Does Music Prodigy UNLIMITED work with percussion?
    • Single-surface rhythm is compatible with Music Prodigy UNLIMITED.
    • However, Music Prodigy does not differentiate between, say, differently-pitched roto-toms.
    Does Music Prodigy UNLIMITED work with Chromebooks?
    • YES
    Does Music Prodigy UNLIMITED handle accompaniment?
    • Yes, Music Prodigy UNLIMITED handles accompaniment, as long as the source Finale or Sibelius files have the accompaniment.
    • For example, if there is an SATB+piano music score, and the student is learning the Alto part, all other parts (STB+piano) will be treated as accompaniment.
    Does Music Prodigy UNLIMITED handle hidden accompaniment, for example, piano that is not written on the page?
    • Yes, Music Prodigy UNLIMITED handles hidden accompaniment:
    • In Finale, select which parts to hide, and then export the MusicXML and PNG
    • In Sibelius, "Focus on Staves", and then export the MusicXML and PNG
    • Tip for success: the PNG will be what the student sees, and export the MusicxML while the parts are hidden.
      This is because the MusicXML will detect that there are hidden parts, and will add tags to the file.
      Music Prodigy UNLIMITED reads the tags in the MusicXML and knows which parts to play as accompaniment.
    Does a Music Prodigy UNLIMITED license cover, say Mr. Dale Duncan's Middle School S-Cubed Sight-Singing lesson plan?
    • Music Prodigy UNLIMITED is a separate product than, say, Mr. Dale Duncan's Middle School S-Cubed Sight-Singing lesson plan, and they should be purchased separately.
    • However, you may purchase, say Mr. Dale Duncan's Middle School S-Cubed Sight-Singing lesson plan WITHOUT the need to purchase Music Prodigy UNLIMITED.
    Need more detailed information?

Make your files do more work for you

In Music Prodigy UNLIMITED, your sheet music becomes "live" and "listens" to students practice. Students see red and green colors while they are playing so they can learn in real-time and improve in real-time.

They won't need to wait to see you during the week to know if they're performing correctly or not. They can come to class better prepared.

That means your Finale and Sibelius files can do even more of the work for you. It can accompany every student's practice room and report back to you how they're doing.

We guarantee you'll save time and effort.

We’re so sure that if you use Music Prodigy UNLIMITED and it doesn’t do what it says, we’ll refund your purchase, no problem.

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Get started today and start saving time!

What you get

    Teacher account and unlimited students
    • Teacher website dashboard to upload MusicXML and PNG files exported from Finale or Sibelius
    • Live, up-to-date, automatically populated gradebook
    • Unlimited student seats for the entire school year - no more wasting time managing seat-by-seat licenses
    • Email reports
    • Performance histories for each student
    • Audio recordings for each student's practices
    • Mobile app that runs on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Android tablets, Mac OS X and Windows computers
    • Upload unlimited titles to your own class
    • Easy student enrollment with enrollment codes

Here’s what to expect with Music Prodigy:

Tech stuff to know:
  • Music Prodigy is compatible with most instruments
  • We’ve experienced unexpected results when music is longer than 3 minutes
  • Complex repeats such as multiple combinations of repeats, DS, DC, etc. may have unexpected results
  • Notes faster than 8th notes at 140 bpm may have unexpected results
  • MP is compatible with most Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and Windows devices made 2015 or later. Individual variations with storage size, network speed may affect performance.
  • See more technology details and requirements by clicking here

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