Interactive Practice Exercises
for Band 1 Students

The ONLY mobile interactive homework “book” that students use to practice.


NEUTRON's smart grade book sets it up so that each student is automatically given only the sheet music for his or her instrument. Digitally. On mobile. Effortlessly. This is like distributing the book for each instrument while keeping everything linked together for the teacher to track in one simple view. You, the teacher, can view the full scores and the individual parts, and each student’s practice history.

Introducing the new, ultimate digital companion to any method book or band curriculum: NEUTRON.

Being a Band Director is not easy.


Being a Band Director is not easy. You have to deal with so many different instruments; each one is so unique.

For Band, there’s no concept of an “easy song.” Even an “easy” song with only 7 bars, for a Band, is still a bear, because you need to have sheet music for each instrument. So for this one “simple” song you’ll need to make copies for each instrument, make sure they get to the appropriate student, with the right instrument, in the right chair.

Then you need to manage the master hard-copy files and make sure they are returned to the proper place in the filing cabinets. What if pieces are misfiled? Damaged? Lost? The headaches headaches increase each time you access these originals.

Digital practice can help.


  • We’ve created a comprehensive set of exercises, etudes and melodies that are the best of the best out there.
  • You’ve seen them all. We've seen them all.
  • And know what gaps each one has, and we’ve filled the gaps and created the best of the best for you and your students.

NEUTRON exercises, melodies and etudes gradually increase in difficulty and are designed to be spread out over the course of a year: classic examples, exercises and melodies music students can practice at home to build skill and technique.


  • No more searching, copying, distributing, collecting and filing copies: reduces effort, reduces waste.
  • Each student has his/her practice homework on virtually any Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or laptop.
  • PLUS the mobile app actually listens to the student practice and tells him or her if they are playing correctly or incorrectly, allowing the student to improve by him/herself, prior to the weekly private lessons and ensemble or section rehearsals.


  • Unlike trying to manage hundreds of sheets of paper and dozens of practice books, each student only sees what they have to play, can only access the songs for their own instrument, nothing more than that.
  • Teachers have a clean “smart” gradebook: All the practice exercises are grouped. All the students are grouped. Everything is in the right place, in the right way.

How it works

NEUTRON Interactive Practice Book for Band 1 works like a exercise book full of practice examples.

You can tell your students which exercises to do, and you’ll see each of your student’s scores automatically populated on the “smart gradebook” when each of them practice. From this single “smart gradebook grid” view, you will be able to see at a glance, which students have practiced which exercises, and how well each of them are progressing.

For example, instead of telling the students to “practice Exercise X on page Y of book Z” you can simply tell them to do Exercise X in Music Prodigy. Each student, when launching Music Prodigy, will easily find Exercise X (automatically set to evaluate his/her instrument), and will automatically populate this “smart gradebook grid” view for you.

Like a book, you can choose to skip certain pages or exercises.

Unlike a book, the students will be able to receive real-time feedback while they are practicing so they can adjust in real-time. Additionally, unlike a book, Music Prodigy will gather all the practice sessions and scores from each student for you. You will no longer need to copy, distribute, or collect sheets of paper and you will not have to transfer scores manually from paper to computer.


Finding exercises, scales, etudes and songs to fill up the entire year.

  • No hunting and pecking for the right content for the right student.
  • No manually writing down exercises and photo-copying.
  • No more buying individual sheet music titles and photo-copying or scanning.

Helping students practice at home more effectively.

Music Prodigy...

  • Listens to them practice the examples and tells them, note-by-note whether they are playing correctly or incorrectly - while they are practicing.
  • Lets students adjust on-the-fly and improve faster.
  • Lets students self-evaluate while they are practicing.
  • Lets students self-monitor their progress.
  • Runs on Android smartphones and tablets, iOS iPhone, iOS iPad, Mac OS X and Windows so students can practice anywhere and anytime, while automatically submitting their homework practice assignments.

Collecting homework reports.

Say "Bye" to hand-writing and hand-collecting practice logs.

  • You’ll receive email summaries each day of which students practiced, how much they practice, and how well they did, from the night before.
  • No more manually transferring logs to a computer.

See the progress of each student in an effortless, accurate, automated and QUANTIFIED way.

All students' activity, color-coded, at a glance.

  • The teacher’s gradebook dashboard summarizes all of your student homework activity automatically. It’s always up-to-date.
  • You can drill down to view the detail of any student for any exercise and see all their activity for that exercise.
  • You can view a note-by-note PDF report of each student’s performances.
  • You can listen to audio recordings of your students’ performances.

Music Prodigy is easy to implement.

  • For one price, the teacher can add an unlimited amount of students.
  • Students have unlimited use on as many devices for one full year.
  • It makes managing your class roster and homework easy and effortless.
  • No more headaches caused by buying individual materials or software licenses per student.

We guarantee you'll save time and effort.

We’re so sure that if you use the NEUTRON series and it doesn’t do what it says, we’ll refund your purchase, no problem.

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What you get

    Teacher scores, auto assigned individual parts for 17 instruments, piano accompaniments with chords. Alt notes for Oboe and Horn.
  • Quarter 1 - Sections 1-9
    • First few notes, 4/4, 2/4, 3/4, common time, whole, half, quarter, dotted quarter, breathing, solo-solo-tutti, duets, historical and locational songs
  • Quarter 2 - Sections 10-18
    • Trio, phrasing, slur, fermata, staccato, dynamics p-mp-mf-f, accents, pickup notes, 8th notes, new notes, historical and locational songs
  • Quarter 3 - Sections 19-27
    • Andante, moderato, allegro, Crescendo, decrescendo, new notes, historical and locational songs
  • Quarter 4 - Sections 28-36
    • Three key signatures, 1st/2nd endings, rehearsal marks, natural, new notes, historical and locational songs
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