How To Teach Sight Singing to Middle School Beginners

The S-Cubed® Lesson Plan and Mobile App by Dale Duncan makes teaching beginners easy and fun.
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Save yourself from hours of headaches and frustration.

Dale Duncan's S-Cubed is not a book! Get S-cubed and you'll get a new 21st century program that includes:

  • ALL of your sight singing lessons planned for 27 weeks
  • Video tips of Dale Duncan teaching his students
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Lesson Plans
  • Activities
  • Music Prodigy mobile app to help students practice
  • ...Over 700 total pages, slides, exercises, assignments
And an ever-growing method from real-world experience in the trenches just like you!

S-Cubed is perfect for:

  • Beginning teachers
  • Seasoned teachers who need a shot in the arm
  • Teachers who are teaching middle school for the first time
  • Band teachers who've found themselves responsible for chorus
  • ...And everything in between

Dale used to struggle teaching sight singing to middle school beginners but now he’s sharing all of his teaching secrets.
I poured my heart and soul into this program and shared everything I’ve learned over the last 25 years of teaching this age group as openly as I know how to do. I spent thousands of hours on it. I did it in order to help other teachers succeed as the teach beginners.

What other teachers say about Dale Duncan’s S-Cubed

4 out of 4 Stars
Teachers Pay Teachers 135 reviews
“Saved my life”
I am a first year teacher and this program has saved my life. I struggled in my classroom with teaching new students how to sight-sing because they hated it and I hated teaching it... This program helped my new singers accomplish remarkable ratings at Large Group Performance Evaluation.

— Teachers Pay Teachers Buyer, June 2014

“Coming to the rescue... in the trenches like me”
As a middle school choral director for the past 15 years... I’ve picked from assorted books and random sight-singing sheets but this bundle is both sequential and educationally sound.... ...Hats off to you Duncan for coming to the rescue. Only wish I had purchased this years ago. It’s obvious you’re in the trenches like me.

— Recorder Friendly, Teachers Pay Teachers Seller

“Preparation for Large Group Performance Evaluation”
Mr. Dale Duncan takes a complex musical language and simplifies it for beginners... The activities only take a few minutes to accomplish with step-by-step activities in preparation for LGPE (large group performance evaluation).

— Kimberly G.

“Fun and motivational”
I am beyond excited to use the entire program! They beg for “poison pattern!” Thank you for your hard work in developing this, and for sharing it with the rest of us!

— Kerryn O.

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I already have Dale’s PDFs and supplemental materials. I just need the mobile practice platform for my students and automated reporting.

I want it all.

Load me up with the PDFs, the mobile practice platform for all my students, the automated reporting, the supplemental materials.

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