Download Music Prodigy

1. Getting started

  1. Check the requirements

2. Download & install

  1. Music Prodigy v2.5 download links:

    Music Prodigy v2.5.1 for iOS
    Music Prodigy v2.5.2 for Android

    Music Prodigy v2.5.1 for Mac OS X
    Music Prodigy v2.5.2
    for Windows 7 and later

3. Audio setup

  1. Using headphones with the device's built-in mic is the simplest and most effective way to use Music Prodigy. If you are using a line-in, there may be additional devices like cables, audio interfaces, volume knobs, etc. that need to work properly. Music Prodigy requirements.

4. Sign in

  1. Sign in using your email address or setup a new account.

5. Courses & content

  1. Enroll using a course code

    After you've successfully logged in, click on Courses to browse and play exercises and repertoire.

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