A new way for teachers to make teaching sight singing easy and fun!

A complete solution with lesson plan, mobile app, powerful gradebook, auto-reporting and more

Music Prodigy is a complete solution to help music teachers with 1st and 2nd year students

Features and Benefits

Complete curriculum with 27 weeks of day-by-day teaching materials

Great for teachers because using tested and perfected curriculum from acclaimed music instructor Dale Duncan

Student practice app that runs on mobile devices, laptops and Chromebooks

Great for your class because students get instant performance feedback so they improve more quickly (Yes! That is Music Prodigy in a browser!)

Automatic reports and powerful online gradebook

Great for you because you track every student’s progress at a glance, wasting less time on administrative tasks

A Proven Method

After using Music Prodigy with S-Cubed, students’ proficiency increased 40%, while 3 out of 5 were able to perform perfectly at 100% accuracy.

Music Prodigy quantifies improvement

About Dale Duncan

Dale Duncan

Renowned voice instructor Dale Duncan has been teaching middle-school students for over 20 years, guiding thousands of young people to master sight singing along the way.

Through sharing his acclaimed S-Cubed curriculum, Dale is helping thousands more students and teachers along the path to success as well!

“I poured my heart and soul into this program and shared everything I’ve learned over the last 25 years of teaching this age group as openly as I know how to do. I spent thousands of hours on it. I did it in order to help other teachers succeed as they teach beginners.”
— Dale Duncan

What you get when you buy Music Prodigy with S-Cubed

Dale Duncan

Dale Duncan’s S-Cubed is not a boring, static book! Get S-cubed and you’ll get a new 21st century program that includes:

ALL of your sight singing lessons planned for 27 weeks

Video tips of Dale Duncan teaching his students

PowerPoint slides and class materials

Engaging in-class group activities

Practice app for laptops, Chromebooks and/or mobile phones

Automated email reports and gradebook show student performance

...Over 700 total pages, slides, exercises, assignments and more

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See it in action

Step 1 - See how teachers prepare for class

  • Preparation begins the day before
  • On Google Drive, locate and open the PowerPoint file
  • Check out the tips, review the slides, watch the videos from Dale
  • Use the handouts in the Handouts folder for class the next day

Step 2 - See how teachers lead students during class

  • Use what you reviewed from the previous day
  • Start with written exercises
  • Play the "Forbidden Pattern Game"
  • Teach the day's lesson material
  • Tell students to use Music Prodigy to do the homework

About Music Prodigy

Music Prodigy is a computer/app based program that allows students to practice and teachers to assess their students. I tried the program for one year with my 340 middle school students, and I liked it so much that I decided to supplement S-Cubed by creating homework examples specifically for Music Prodigy.

— Dale Duncan

Step 3 - See how students practice and learn on their own

  • You've assigned the complementary homework on the day the material was covered in class
  • Most students complete homework in 5-10 minutes
  • Students practice and receive realtime correctness feedback
  • Students save the score or discard the score
  • Students can see their progress performance history

Step 4 - See how teachers monitor student progress

  • Each morning the teacher receives an automated report by email
  • The email is sorted by exercise, student, and performance
  • The teacher can view or listen to any individual performance right from the email
  • For a comprehensive view of the entire class for all exercises, the teacher uses the online dashboard
  • Exercises are arranged in columns, students are arranged in rows
  • Clicking on each cell shows the entire performance history for that student, for that exercise
  • The teacher can export the entire gradebook as a csv file

What other teachers say about Music Prodigy with S-Cubed


4 out of 4 Stars
Teachers Pay Teachers 135 reviews

“Saved my life”

I am a first year teacher and this program has saved my life. I struggled in my classroom with teaching new students how to sight-sing because they hated it and I hated teaching it... This program helped my new singers accomplish remarkable ratings at Large Group Performance Evaluation.
— Teachers Pay Teachers Buyer, June 2014

“Coming to the rescue... in the trenches like me”

As a middle school choral director for the past 15 years... I’ve picked from assorted books and random sight-singing sheets but this bundle is both sequential and educationally sound... Hats off to you Duncan for coming to the rescue. Only wish I had purchased this years ago. It’s obvious you’re in the trenches like me.
— Recorder Friendly, Teachers Pay Teachers Seller

“Preparation for Large Group Performance Evaluation”

Mr. Dale Duncan takes a complex musical language and simplifies it for beginners... The activities only take a few minutes to accomplish with step-by-step activities in preparation for LGPE (large group performance evaluation).
— Kimberly G.

“Fun and motivational”

I am beyond excited to use the entire program! They beg for “poison pattern!” Thank you for your hard work in developing this, and for sharing it with the rest of us!
— Kerryn O.